Debbie Miller, ND, BCB  Naturopathic Physician and Biofeedback Therapist

Debbie Miller, ND, BCB

Naturopathic Physician and Biofeedback Therapist


I am Dr. Debbie Miller, a board-certified biofeedback practitioner and naturopathic physician practicing in Seattle, WA. It is a privilege to introduce myself to you.

Far too often, chronic stress is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of people feeling healthy and balanced. That is why I have created a practice centered around biofeedback because it is one of the most practical and TANGIBLE ways I have found that helps people address and reverse the sometimes debilitating effects of chronic stress. It is my mission to teach these skills to as many people as I can because I believe you are your most important untapped resource.

Becoming resilient to stress is an empowering skill that has enormous benefits for both your physical and mental health - and perhaps one of the most crucial to living in today’s world where chronic stress is of epidemic proportions. From anxiety to IBS, chronic stress manifests in the body in many ways. The good news is you have the power and ability to change this. While often we can’t immediately change our outer world, we CAN change our inner world to move through life with more freedom using biofeedback techniques - whether it be freedom from panic attacks, migraines, or high blood pressure. Click here to read more about what conditions biofeedback can address.

Because my primary training is as a naturopathic physician, I employ a holistic view of an individual and assess several lifestyle factors that might be influencing health and the root causes of disease. I am passionate about helping patients master the skills that are fundamental to improving their physical and emotional well-being. Most importantly, it is my goal to empower people with knowledge and tools they can use for a lifetime.


I earned my doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, and my undergraduate degree from Brandeis University. During my naturopathic education, I received additional training and clinical experience in biofeedback, counseling, and mind-body medicine. It was then I became fascinated by the connections between our thinking minds and physical symptoms, and the impact that chronic stress has on our bodies, relationships, and daily activities. I have since become board certified through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, and am an active member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.  In addition to my practice, I currently serve as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University in the department of Naturopathic Medicine.

I am also a musician and singer/songwriter/performer, and I wholly believe in the value of creative practice and humor in the healing process. When not practicing medicine or playing music, I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, drinking appropriate amounts of coffee, walking around this gorgeous city, spotting herons, and riding my bike. As a native New Yorker, I remain in constant awe of all of the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer.