If you are interested in becoming a patient, you are invited to schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone consult. This gives you the opportunity to share about yourself, ask any questions you have, and decide if biofeedback training is a good fit for you. This will also help Dr. Miller assess if biofeedback is appropriate for your condition.

To schedule your consult, click the button below or call 206.376.7954. Please allow 24 business hours for a reply.**

Dr. Miller sees patients on Thursdays 9am-5pm, Fridays 9am-5pm, and Saturdays 9am-1pm in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle. 

**Before your consult, please continue to read the remainder of this page to familiarize yourself with the policies of SoundMind Medicine.

What to expect

At your first appointment, Dr. Miller will do a thorough intake of your medical history, discuss your personal goals for biofeedback training, and educate you on how your nervous system works in relation to your symptoms. In addition, you will be asked to fill out a few short questionnaires. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with some of the biofeedback sensors that will be an important (and fun!) part of your training process. Initial appointments run approximately 90 minutes.

Your second session will be focused on the most fundamental of all biofeedback training modalities: breathing. This lays the groundwork for you to begin training your nervous system, as well as other biofeedback modalities we may use. Other modalities include heart rate variability (HRV) training, temperature training, sEMG (muscle tension), and skin conductance (sweaty palms!) training.

At your subsequent appointments, we will build on the training that has been tailored with your goals and symptoms in mind. Average training length can be anywhere from 8-12 sessions, but can be shorter or longer depending on your needs. It is recommended to plan for 6 training sessions at a minimum (not including the initial appointment), and that your first 3-4 appointments be scheduled weekly to help you build and reinforce skills. After that point, spreading out your remaining sessions will help you begin to generalize your skills into your daily life. Follow-up appointments run approximately 50 minutes.

As with learning any new skill, your biofeedback training is reinforced by home practice. That’s a nice way of saying homework is mandatory! Biofeedback is like exercise for your nervous system, and your nervous system needs consistent input to create meaningful and lasting change. This may involve breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, and/or logs and diaries. You can read more about the biofeedback process here.


Fee schedule:

  • $165 for new patient appointments (90 minutes)

  • $120 for follow-up appointments (50 minutes)

SoundMind medicine also offers the following packages (excludes initial appointment):

  • 4 sessions - $432 (10% discount)

  • 6 sessions - $612 (15% discount)

  • 8 sessions - $768 (20% discount)

Dr. Miller is not contracted with insurance. However, SoundMind Medicine is able to provide you with an insurance superbill so you can request reimbursement from your provider if your plan offers out-of-network coverage.

SoundMind medicine offers sliding scale services to help eliminate barriers for care for those under financial constraint. Please inquire for more details.

New patients

New patients click here for intake forms and paperwork.

Cancellation Policy

SoundMind Medicine requires at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) will result in a $50 charge on your credit card on file.

No-shows will be charged 75% of the full appointment fee.


Please note that Dr. Miller's focus is mind-body medicine and biofeedback. She is happy to work in conjunction with your primary doctor, specialist, and other members of your healthcare team.